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Maths quiz


We have been learning a lot about skeletons this half term.

Please click here to complete the google form about our topic so far.

Animal Research Websites

Here are some links to some websites you can use to research an animal of your choice.

Animal corner- lots of facts

Ducksters- child friendly information

National Geographic- use the search tool to find information about your chosen animal.

Vertebrates and Invertebrates

Here are some links that might help you to find out more about vertebrates and invertebrates.

Post in the comments if you have any questions or find out an interesting facts that you would like to share with Year 3

Invertebrates 1

Invertebrates 2

Vertebrates 1

Vertebrates 2

Animal facts

Science – 14th September


  1. Complete the google form which can be found here
  2. Click here to find out more about animal classification
  3. Research your animal group. Find an animal that is in your group and draw, label and note specific features.

San Diego Zoo

Kids Zone


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